Alpine skier 

My name is Christoffer Faarup and I am 23 years old. I am a Danish alpine skier.

I was born in Denmark but moved to Norway at the age of fourteen to follow my dreams. My goal is to be the best alpine skier in the world, and all the choices I make in life are directed against that goal. What I define as being the best alpine skier in the world is to win the overall worldcup title and become the best alpine skier across all disciplines.

I train with the Norwegian University Team and the Norwegian Europacup Team, and the Norwegian National Team helps me at the bigger events. In that way I get the opportunity to get input for training and competitions from some of the best teams in the world.

My favorite disciplines are downhill and super-G. I also do giant slalom and slalom, but it is the speed disciplines that are my passion and in those disciplines I have made my best results.

I love being outdoors and I spend a lot of time in the summertime climbing, wandering and biking.

Born   28th of December, 1992
Clubs   Hobro skiklub
    Lillehammer skiklub
    Danmarks Skiforbund
More info   Wikipedia



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